I Bar Ranch reserves the right to card EVERYONE, regardless of what age you appear to be. For some shows we may institute a wristband system. There will be an area set-up to check IDs and to issue the wristbands. You must have a wristband in order to be served alcohol or to consume alcohol. Anyone caught possessing or consuming alcoholic beverages without a wristband will be subject to eviction and/or prosecution. Anyone caught trying to transfer a wristband will also be subject to eviction.  Likewise, anyone bringing in outside alcohol will be evicted and/or prosecuted.     Regarding refusing to serve based on intoxication?

F & Q:

How old do I have to be to consume alcohol on the premises?

The legal drinking age in Colorado is twenty-one (21).

Is alcohol sold on the premises?

Yes. There is a bar that sells a variety of alcoholic beverages including a selection of mixed drinks, wine and beer.

What items are NOT allowed at the I Bar?

Common sense would dictate certain items that are not allowed — including outside alcohol, drugs, weapons, fireworks or any explosive devices. For most shows video cameras and audio recording devices are also not allowed. Still, photo cameras are generally acceptable however it is at the discretion of the artist’s management. If we are instructed to disallow photo cameras and any audio/recording, the device may be subject to confiscation! 

What items can we bring with us into the I Bar Ranch?

The Ranch allows many items to be brought into the facility water bottles, blankets, extra clothing, and usually still photo cameras (note that for most shows audio and video recording equipment is NOT allowed). Stadium cushions no wider then 15″ are acceptable.

Do you accommodate the elderly or those with physical disabilities?

We try our best to accommodate the elderly or those with disabilities. Depending on the show and when you arrive you may drop off people with special needs right at our main gate. We also have reserved parking spaces for vehicles with handicapped plates/permits and can make special seating arrangements for those in wheelchairs.

Please note that although we try our best to accommodate all of our patrons, there are physical constraints due to the nature of an agricultural/outdoor facility. We recommend you order your tickets early and notify us that you will have people with special needs in your party.

Can I get a refund for a ticket or exchange it for another show?

Sorry but ALL TICKET SALES ARE FINAL, no refunds or exchanges. This is standard policy for most concert venues. In the rare case when a show has been cancelled and not rescheduled a refund will most likely be issued, however the refund may not include any service fees.

Do you ever cancel shows due to bad weather?

Very rarely. Except for extreme conditions all shows will go on rain or shine.  All seating is under a roof and we have curtains that we can close to try and keep out the weather.  We encourage you to bring extra clothing for evening performances.  We are at 7,700’ and the Rocky Mountain weather can change at a whim in the summer! 

REMINDER: All ticket purchases are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. 

How can I make sure I have a good seat for the show?

I Bar Ranch sells many of their tickets as Reserved seating via Ticketfly.com.  You can access online ticketing via our website.

We sell tickets up to and including the day of show, unless it has sold-out beforehand. If you want to make sure you’ll have a good seat (or any seat at all) we recommend one of the following:

  1. Order your tickets early and purchase Reserved Seating tickets. These cost more than General Admission but will reserve a particular seat for you in a preferred seating section.
  2. Buy General Admission tickets and arrive early! Our gates & bar normally open by 5pm for evening shows and people arrive early to enjoy the Tomichi Creek or take in an early evening beverage. You may go in and claim your seats but please do not reserve more space than you actually bought. 

Is there a seating chart?

Yes, to view our seating chart please click on a concert you would like to see. Please note that some sections of reserved seating may not be available for all shows or may not become available until a later date. Stadium cushions no wider than 15″ are allowed on the benches.

Where do we park and how much does it cost?

I Bar Ranch can accommodate many vehicles right at our venue (please, no campers/RVs/motor homes or buses unless you have received permission! Please email wick@ibarranch.com). There is no charge for parking on-site at our venue (unless dictated per a special event), however we may not be able to accommodate all vehicles for every show so we advise you to arrive early to take advantage of free parking.

****We may have some more remote parking (5 minute walk) for shows that overflow with parking needs.

What are the contact hours of operation?

Our office hours vary in the off-season. Please email us at any time with questions- wick@ibarranch.com

Can I purchase tickets on the day of the show?

Yes. We may have seating still available the day of the show. However for certain shows we may sell out. To ensure you will have tickets (and to avoid long ticket lines) we recommend purchasing your tickets ahead of time. By purchasing in advance you may also save money and/or obtain better seating.

Do you offer discount tickets for Children?

No, not with the larger shows.  On Tuesdays we do offer kids under 18 in for free with a paid adult

Is there an age limit for children?

Generally speaking there is no age limit for children, even infants will be admitted. However, we do not recommend bringing young infants. Children under 3 are free.  Children over 3 must have a children’s ticket.

You should also consider the environment you will be in. Although we try to keep our shows “family friendly”, it is after all an outdoor concert mostly attended by adults. There will be relatively loud sound volumes as well as adults who may be drinking, smoking or behaving in ways you may find objectionable for your children.

Consider bringing ear plugs, especially for very young children or infants.

Photo opportunities: Our venue is small enough that every seat has a good view. For most shows photographs are allowed (but not video or audio recording).