The Iron Maidens

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Gunnison Valley welcomes the world’s only female tribute to Iron Maiden! Are you ready to rock?!!!

Gates/Bar/Grill – 6:30pm

The Galentines – 7:15pm

The Iron Maidens– 8:00pm

The I Bar Ranch is a rain or shine venue! The venue is a converted hay barn with stage, lighting & sound. While the sides are open to provide fresh air and scenery, there are curtains that can be closed for inclement weather. Please prepare with extra layers!

BBQ is avaialbe for purchase too.

We welcome all age of humans at the I Bar Ranch, please leave your 4 legged friends back at home!

ALL TICKET SALES ARE FINAL, no refunds or exchanges.

Onsite camping available after each show, $15.00/adult (you must have a concert ticket too)

No outside food or alcohol may be brought in.

Iron Maidens:

Formed in 2001, The Iron Maidens have quickly established themselves as one of southern California’s most popular tribute acts and are rapidly gaining international recognition. The band boasts beauty as well as excellent musicianship, lively stage presence, and a remarkable stage show with theatrical scenes interspersed throughout.

First and foremost on the agenda of The Iron Maidens is talent. These women are highly trained professionals with diversified musical backgrounds ranging from orchestral and musical theater to blues and rock. The band and its members have been the recipients of many awards including best tribute band, and best in category (guitar, bass, drums, voice) at events such as The Rock City News Awards, The LA Music Awards, and The All Access Magazine Award Show to name a few. The line-up is Kirsten “Bruce Chickinson” Rosenberg on vocals, Linda “Nikki McBURRain” McDonald on drums, Courtney “Adriana Smith” Cox and Nikki “Davina Murray” Stringfield on guitars, and Wanda “Steph Harris” Ortiz on bass.

The Iron Maidens cover Iron Maiden material from all eras of the band’s career, encompassing the band’s biggest hits as well as fan favorites. The stage show includes appearances by Maiden mascot Eddie, the grimreaper, the devil and more.

The Iron Maidens have packed houses everywhere they have played.

The Galentines, an all-girl indie punk rock band from Boulder, was formed on February 11 through a college music club. Their bold and unapologetic sound has allowed them to carve out their presence in the local music scene, including performances such as their debut at the Fox Theater. Their music is characterized by raucous guitar riffs, driving rhythms, and introspective lyrics that explore themes of self-discovery, empowerment, and the struggles of youth.

Lead singer Codi Jantsch is accompanied by Brynn Moncur on bass, Birdie Wren on rhythm guitar, and Crested Butte locals Essie and Linda Horne, who handle the drums and lead guitar. The Galentines have already made a strong impression with their captivating live performances.

They are now setting their sights on bigger stages and expanding their reach. With a growing fan base and a slew of upcoming shows, they are ready to leave their mark on the music scene. The band is also gearing up for an exciting milestone as they plan to release their highly anticipated EP later this year, showcasing their growth as musicians and songwriters.

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